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Model 848, GMX Magnetic Fluid Conditioner:

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  For 1" to 2" pipe Applications

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Installing The GMX 848 Units

Example #1 - For 1" to 1" pipe, use 2 units in tandem.

Example #2 - For 2" to 3" pipe, use 4 or more units in 2 segments



Installation for 1" Pipe
1-1/2" for Manual Feed,
(Up to 2" on Recirculating Systems)

Use this installation procedure to install two Model 848 units on 1" pipes, or on 1-1/2" pool and spa plumbing (recirculated water).

1. Place the Model 848 unit against the pipe or tube, with the GMX label facing away from the pipe.

2. Place the backing plate on the opposite side of the pipe. Align the holes in the backing plate with the holes in the unit.

3. Insert bolts through the holes in the unit and the backing plate. Secure with wing-nuts.

4. Tighten the unit until it is snug against the pipe. Do not over-tighten!

5. Install the second unit in tandem with the first. Leave 1" space between them. Make sure the labels of both units are on the same side and face the same direction.



The Model 848 is designed to be placed wherever the water line enters the building, or at least 8"or 12" upstream(before) any specific area or appliance to be treated.

For pools and spas, place the Model 848 downstream (after) all equipment (usually the heater) on the return line before the pool.

Direction of Placement:

The magnet above the GMX label is the north pole, and the magnet below the label is the south pole. The direction the fluid flows through the pipe or tubing makes no difference.

For best results when placing the Model 848 to treat a particular area or appliance, place the segments at least 8" or 12" upstream (before) the area or appliance to be treated.

Do not place the Model 848 close to an electrical power line, or electrical equipment capable of generating strong electrical fields,such as a welder or large electrical motor. This can reduce the units' effectiveness.

For maximum effectiveness magnetic conditioning requires a smooth, calm, flow of fluid through the magnetic field. A partial reversal of the treatment may even be triggered by turbulence. Therefore, always place the Model 848 a minimum of 18" to 24" downstream (after) any pump or other turbulence -causing device.

Non Ferrous Pipes Only:

Install the Model 848 units only on non-ferrous (PVC, Plastic,copper,or stainless steel) pipe or tubing --not on steel or iron pipe. Don't place them on any pipe to which the magnets stick. The penetration through iron or steel (except for stainless steel ) pipe is minimal. In effect, the magnetic field travels along the exterior of the pipes, preventing it from reaching the fluid. In such cases replace an 18" to 24" section of steel pipe ,with either copper or PVC pipe and then install the Model 848 on that section.

Stabilization Period:

For a few weeks after installing the Model 848 you may notice an increase in water turbidity(cloudiness). This is because scale is being removed from the system. During this stabilization period, carefully monitor filters, tanks, and sumps each week, and drain or clean them as needed.

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