Magnetic Water
the Answer to Hard Water Problems

What GMX Is:

GMX is Environmentally Safe and does not harm our fresh water supply.

The GMX System is an easy "Do-It-Yourself" Project and takes less than 30 Minutes to install, No Tools Required.

For Less than  $1,000 the GMX System can eliminate your hard water problems.

Less than the cost of a water softener without any plumbing changes or expensive installation charges.

ANYBODY can install a GMX System.  The GMX Water Conditioners easily clamp on the outside of existing water pipes, you will NOT need to modify your plumbing.

The system that pays for itself.  All this and salt-free too!

Magnetic Fluid Conditioning

no salt

no electricity

no plumbing

no maintenance

no back flush water


Money Back Guarantee

and a Lifetime Warranty


Here are just some of the ways in which GMX conditioners are being used:

  • Home plumbing systems
  • Apartment plumbing systems
  • Commercial plumbing systems
  • Industrial plumbing systems
  • Pools, spas, and fountains
  • Evaporative (swamp) coolers
  • Water-cooled equipment
  • Irrigation systems
  • Car and truck fuel systems
  • Car and truck cooling systems
  • Automatic transmissions
  • R.V. water systems
  • Commercial ice machines
  • Coffee machines
  • Laundries
  • Commercial dishwashers
  • Printing equipment
  • Car washes
    Magnetic Water (J&J Enterprises) is an Authorized Distributor of the GMX Water Conditioning System.

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